This document contains information on publicly available software you might need as a reader of this bulletin.

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Viewing gzip-ed PostScript files

Hints for viewing compressed PS files:
  • GNU zip compressed   .gz files can be decompressed by gunzip.
  • You might try to remove reference to .gz files from the list of helper applications in your browser preferences setup, and add .ps.gz ; .eps.gz to the entry for PostScript files. Modern Unix/Linux PostScript viewers (gv, ggv, kghostview) are capable of displaying compressed PS files.
  • Access is, as a last resort, always possible with saving the file to local disk, and doing the decompression (if necessary) by hand. All PS files are accessible via ftp as well.
  • FTP

  • To access the IBVS ftp site, now you need an ftp client capable of passive mode transfer.
  • NCFTP:
  • http://www.ncftp.com/
  • e-mail

  • Because of the spam-filtering used, to ensure that your mail gets through, you might want to i.) register, (if you have not registered before, or your e-mail address changed) ii.) include   I.B.V.S.   to the subject of the message.
  • TeX/LaTeX

    CTAN archives:
  • ftp://ftp.uni-stuttgart.de/tex-archive (
  • LaTeX guide:
  • http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/info/ lshort/english/lshort.pdf
  • The LaTeX style file for IBVS

  • ibvs3.sty
  • ibvst.sty Some issues need this additional style file as well!
  • ibvse.sty This one is for lists of minima of eclipsing binaries (and similar tables).
  • ... and the old LaTeX style files for IBVS issues 4073 - 4500 and 4501 - 6200

  • ibvs.sty
  • ibvs2.sty
  • PostScript utilities

    Ghostscript, Ghostview, GV and GSview:
  • http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/
  • GNU zip (.gz)

  • gzip (GNU zip)

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