For about ten years I have had an APT program gathering UBV data on the variable stars V441 Her (= 89 Her), V814 Her (= HD 161796), and R CrB. Earlier data were published, but more recent data have not yet appeared in print. The entire collection will eventually appear in a series of papers analysing the pulsational properties of these stars, but meanwhile they are available on the World Wide Web at the following sites: V441 and V814 Her: R CrB: These sites give references to the published data, and list individual, so-far unpublished observations. The lists are updated four times a year as I receive new APT data. Workers are welcome to use the data provided the source is referenced in any publication. I remind readers also that a database of galactic classical Cepheid properties (but not individual observations) is available at All these sites can also be accessed through the homepage of the Astronomy Department, University of Toronto ( under the section headed Faculty Projects. J.D. Fernie David Dunlap Observatory University of Toronto P.O. Box 360 Richmond Hill, Ont. L4C 4Y6 Canada